Festival instructors on hand to help throughout our event


Patrick McGlinchey -

Backwoods Survival School 

Patrick and his team will be on hand throughout the event giving lessons in a variety of backwoods skills and crafts and you can dip into Patricks many years of knowledge and experience 

Jason Ingamells - 

Woodland Ways

Jason and the team will be at the festival all weekend running a series of workshops and demonstrations for all ages and experience levels.

Gary Johnston-

Jack Raven Bushcraft

Gary and the team will be at the Festival, offering various on stand demonstrations including methods of ignition, natural tinders, essential knife skills, knife sharpening, bow drill to name a few and a talk all about dandelions


Craig Fordham -

Black Wolf Survival 

Craig & the Black Wolf team will be on hand throughout the show running a variety of Bushcraft & Survival workshops from friction fire to small game prep & cooking and advanced spoon carving techniques


Jamie Dakota - 

Howl Bushcraft 

At the Howl stand, we will be demonstrating a range of Bushcraft skills that we employ on the trail, whether that's insights into some critical fire lighting skills or camp crafts for cooking your dinner. We'll host workshops on getting the most from your basic knife, bow drill firelighting in the forest, feather-stick making, spoon carving and simple campfire cooking. We'll be bringing a canoe with us, in that sense we could look at using the canoe around camp for shelter and utility.

Sarah Day

Prehistoric Experiences

Sarah and the Prehistoric Experiences team will at the festival all weekend running a series of instructionals and join in workshops.

They bring a phenomenal amount of knowledge and skills in all areas of prehistoric life.

The workshops they are offering are -

Arrowhead Knapping (For Children and Adults- 8 and up).

Squirrel skin tanning (Parents and Children).

Deer leg tool kit.

They will also be providing evening storytelling in their stand for parents and children.